Wonderful Woodland Workshops

We spent the past two days  in Querns Wood in Cirencester working with wood from a 100 year old spruce that had had to be felled due to disease.

The two days could not have been more different weather wise with heavy down pours and drizzle through most of Wednesday and bright sun today.

Despite the rain the group created five fabulous benches that will be placed in the woodland area we planted up in February and enough bird boxes for everyone to take one home and leave plenty to go in the wood. 

Everyone enjoyed decorating the bird boxes and some birds will be housed in palaces fit for a queen!

Both days we were able to sit round a fire to eat lunch and toast marshmallows.

This workshop was made possible with a Big Lottery Grant and with help and support from Cirencester town Council.

Our grateful thanks go to Martin from the town council and our wonderful  and skilled project leader Rhodri Baines who was a great guide and teacher to everyone there.


"Brilliant activities and an incredible ambiance. Emma was a superb "leader" and very kind and funny for every minute I was here. Rhodri was an incredible teacher and he has taught me many useful things. These two days have cleared my mind and have made me a much more positive person. It is funny how only a couple of people in a couple of days can change your mood for the better." Charles 15 yrs


"Lovely experience, no pressure to talk, everyone was very friendly and the sun shone! Thank you for having us. S.Y.


"A very enjoyable day, great company and the children thoroughly enjoyed learning new skills in a relaxed friendly environment "  S.G.


" A very enjoyable morning, despite the rain. We completed our bench with a bit of help from the excellent instructor, thank you for organising!" P.B.


"I loved making the bird house and using the tools.I felt safe and all the helpers were very friendly and helpful. I enjoyed helping Martin to make the campfire. Thank you for protecting me. Thank you for letting me make brand new friends. I miss Benji, thank you that I could do this in memory of him." Aiden 7yrs