Growing Hope

Our Growing Hope programme for schools is continuing at our Bisley allotment.

We have 6 children attending from 4 local schools.

"The sessions have gone well so far, we have enjoyed planting, nurturing and working together as a group. After our second session I felt they opened up and became more engaged as they were busy digging up weeds! They focused on a funny memorable moment of the person that they had lost. 

We have so far planted an array of vegetables and constructed beans poles. We also hope to create a recycled herb planter going forward. They seem to get excited and happy when we talk about our growing plans and they appear very proud of the work fulfilled. I saw it turn tears into a smile." Robyn - our tutor

"Within the first five minutes my son was asked who he had lost. He was a little taken aback because up to now he is the only child he knows that has lost a parent. Because of their shared experience it enabled the children to talk in a more direct way with each other about their situations and not worry about it being a shock for the other children to hear. 

I look forward to seeing the development of this group on lots of different levels; for the children to bond through a similar experience, to feel part of a group and less different, to build a support network for their future so when they feel the need to talk or ask questions they have peers and adults at hand. Any chance to get the children outside and interested in the garden in the fresh air is great. Personally, I know that being in a wide open space, when you can see more of the sky and some of the horizon lifts my mood. Bereavement can be very insular and being outside in a space like this helps to give some perspective the situation. All sorts of things are going on with your senses, the smells and touching the earth and being physical are all working on a subconscious level. 

Many thanks go to Emma and Robyn for providing a space for the children to talk and dig."

J.K. Parent

The journey from March to May - The children cleared the beds and have been busy planting,  when they meet next week they will have lots to harvest. More pics to come!